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asked for drivers licence

I have used my credit card for 3 years pay pal asked me if I was aware they have been taking more than my electronic signature approved.I told them if I didn't give my electronic signature on the new amount then no, I was not aware. So Pay Pal released my credit card because of Fraudulent Activity on Text Now behalf. Now I am trying to purchase a device and they took my credit card and approved the purchase. then immediately after they approved the purchase I got a text from TEXT NOW asking " ME " to send them PROOF that the credit card belongs to me. if i do not give them proof of my SSI card and Drivers License , and a bill with my name and address then they will not ship my phone .  hows that for service! that does not include the device theydid charge me for and never sent . i did not have pay pal so they got lucky. so now what go to amazon instead?



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Hi Vanessa! Apologies for the confusion. 

We do have a fraud screening process for high-end devices, and any other high-risk purchases. We would only need a photo of a government issues photo ID (such as a driver's license) and the credit card used for the purchase (with all the numbers blocked except for the last 4). Another option would be to contact us to process a conference call with the bank to verify yourself as the card holder. If this process is not completed within 7 days, the order is automatically cancelled and refunded in full. 

If you wish to contact us directly, feel free to head over to our live chat support! 

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