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URGENT - You expired my number 3 days ago and I would like to have it back

It seems my number was taken from me 3 days ago.  I know the number is stil available because if I send it a message, it receives it but does not keep it and the outgoing messages do not go out.    

I would appreciate if you re activate my number.  I kept it for years and I went on vacation for a while and lost it in that time.

Thanks in advance.  

PS.  I know you know the number attached to my account but it goes like this:  613-xxx-x731

Spx 247

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Hi there,

The number on your account is still the same number you've been using since 2016, you should be able to see the number in the menu of your TextNow app.

If you received a reminder to use the number to keep it from expiring, simply send a text or place a call and the number will remain on your account.

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