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Country Key and The Leading Zero

Thanks you for making a great helpful app. I am just facing a small problem which is not your fault but it is still need to fixed. There is a new cell provider in Egypt which is "We". This new company has its new leading numbers. for example, another cell provider "Orange" starts with 012. Etisalat number starts with 012 too, Vodafone starts with 010. but this new provider starts with 015 which is not supported yet by your app. it keeps saying "invalid phone number, please insert a valid Egypt number.

I hope this problem get fixed.
Note: I know about the leading zero thing.

Hecko Bell

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Hey Omar! Unfortunately, this new carrier needs to be added to the "Mutually Forgiven" list, which is a two-way conversation. 

I can certainly ask our development team to look into the next expansion of carriers that we can support, however, it would be up to this new carrier to accept us as well. 

I cannot guarantee that we can support it with any sort of timeline, but I'll certainly pass it along! 

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