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Using this app for fraud

This app promotes fraud. Anyone can sign up with little to no information. Any criminal can mask behind a fake phone number and scam people. This app needs to be shut down or you need added security measures. Your company does not care about people, you care about clicks. Expect lawsuits to follow because you would rather protect criminals than the innocent. 


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Hey Sarah! I'm sorry if you've had a negative experience with a TextNow user. 

We do have a security team that exclusively works on catching, preventing, and disabling users who violate our terms or don't meet our sign-up requirements. 

A true "bad apple", if you will, can sign up with a legitimate Google or Facebook account and still conduct criminal behaviour, however. At that point in time, we work with law enforcement to provide them with the necessary information to apprehend such individuals. 

If you'd like assistance with a specific number, please feel free to contact us at 

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