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Problem whit a number of Text Now in Telegram

Hello, it happens that yesterday I used a method seen in 
you tube to be able to have two telegram accounts in a
single telephone for this I must use one of the numbers
granted by Text Now and a page to clone the applications
of the phone and use them with my other users called
Paralell Space, the fact is that now, when I start a
Telegram session from Paralell Space with the
Text Now number, I automatically see a lot of channels
that I'm supposed to follow, but this is strange because
this number is given. for you Text Now I am using it now
so it should not appear that I am following channels or
telegram bots of him, this without mentioning that
everything in telegram automatically appears in an
Arabic language that I do not know and I do not speak,
which is also unusual. I need to know if the number they gave me belongs or belonged to someone else before me and what I see is their previous telegram account. Thank you.
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Hi there,

This sounds like something that Telegram support would need to assist you with. Workarounds like what you have described are often not supported by apps, which is what makes it a workaround. We don't recommend taking these types of steps to manipulate a service, but if you do we have no control over whether or not it will work for you as this is not how the services are designed to be used. 

I can confirm that no TextNow number would be able to be used by more than one account at any given time, so any number you have from us would only be active on your account.

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