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Incomlete phone complete

Dear account manager,

Please I made an incomplete order for a phone a while a go and today started a new order because i read the order did not go through without electing a call service. I tried to make a complete order today and Affirm claims I already ordered so I need to contact textnow.  Please Can I complete my  order with you(textnow) with the election of service and payment?

Best regards,

Al Erzuah

albert erzuah

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Hi Albert,

I don't see any orders on your account since your SIM card order last year. If you have already spoken to Affirm to try to get this resolved, we will need to get more details from you to determine what might be causing this issue. 

Can you please reach out to our chat support team so we can verify the account and the order you're trying to place? We will be available in the bottom right corner of this page from 10am-5:30pm EST daily.

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