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NEED the feature to disable incoming calls

I am about to uninstall this app, i've used it for years and rather enjoyed it back when it was mostly for texting only. Now that it includes calling, there have been random telemarketers who have somehow gotten a hold of this number, and have been calling me just about once a day. 

I don't want to receive calls, and theres nothing I can do to stop people from calling me. I only get these spam calls from my text now number, so it looks like I either have to deal with my phone ringing for no reason, or uninstall the app. 

So please tell me if there is some way to disable receiving calls? Otherwise its bye bye textnow until that feature is available.

and yes, I know I can block calls. I don't feel like blocking the number every day, they always call with a new one.


I dont understand why the phone app wont let you disable it. I use the app for chrome and I can use it for texting only? Unless I'm expected to force stop the app on my phone constantly and every time it restarts to make sure it dosent pop up until i want to use it?


Like really though, this is ridiculous. Never used to be a problem until they added calling

Ms. Hauski

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Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that you're receiving so many unwanted calls!

If you're not wanting to use the calling feature at all, disabling the microphone permission should actually stop your calls from working. 

You can also turn off your calling notifications if you only want to be notified for incoming texts.

Erin TextNow Support 0 votes

How to disable calling notifications without disabling text notifications? I see no way to do it? 

John Huie 0 votes

Hey John! Unfortunately, there is no method currently to only disable one set of notifications. 

Valeria TextNow Support -1 votes

When I'm at pizza hut in richlands my text now app wantvpuck up phone calls

Annette Lester 0 votes

Hi Annette - are you using your Cellular data or the free public wifi at Pizza Hut? 

Madison TextNow Support 0 votes