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Familys accounts possibly hacked? inaccessible

hello... i think somehow my familys accounts have been hacked or at least experiencing some kind of glitch....   between us we have 5 accounts and none of us can log in to our accounts. when we do it wants us to reset password but then when we do, it says the password is not valid. This account im on now (my personal account) has not been effected so im contacting you here but the accounts/numbers in question are: tjptrivia@gmail    tjptrivia1@gmail     tjptrivia2@gmail    tjptrivia3@gmail    and    tjptrivia4@gmail   we use these numbers for on online trivia game on out phones and this is how we are able to play as well as access account and any funds won so this is quite important to us and our kids especially.  could you kindly let us know what is going on?  thank you        

TJ peffrel

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Hi TJ,

I apologize for the confusion. We were experiencing an issue which we are currently working on resolving, but I was able to re-enable the accounts for you today as a one-time exception.
You should now be able to log back into your accounts!
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