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I Wish We Could: Receive Facebook SMS Verification Message

Hi Textnow,

I am trying to receive a sms text code from Facebook for their verification requirements.

My understanding is that Textnow does not accept text verification codes from Facebook. This seems at odds with Textnow's "Log In using Facebook" and "Verify Your Account with Facebook". It's introduced a stumbling block where verification works in one direction only.

It would be great if Textnow could review this issue and allow us to receive sms text verification from Facebook.

Thank you kindly.


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Hi there,

Our free application does not officially support any 3rd party verification methods. The reason is because our free numbers can be subject to expiry and if your number is used to verify an account and then you lose it, you may also have trouble accessible whatever account you used your TextNow number to verify. To avoid these conflicts we do not recommend using your free TextNow number for verification purposes.

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