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Battery Drain, Blue highlighted text and duplicate messages

Hey guys, there's still a ton of bugs in your app!

1. There is serious battery drain from your app, a device which would normally last a week now only lasts a day or two thanks to your app.

2. I've turned off the setting where it suggests gifs/emojis/whatever, but text still gets highlighted blue and is not selectable without sending some stupid image. 

3. I've had friends tell me several times that messages are being sent twice.

These problems have been around for ages and nothing has been done to correct them. How about instead of making a new logo, you try and fix some of the problems with the app?



Cameron Dunning

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Hi Cameron, thanks for reporting your concerns. 

1. Battery life is very dependant on how often you use your phone or a specific application. I have not heard of many, or any, phones that have a battery that will last a full week if the phone is being used often. If you're concerned specifically about TextNow's battery usage please send us a screenshot of your Battery settings so we can see just how much the app is using.

2. With the sticker suggestions turned off you just won't see them auto-populate as you type, but the blue text will show that it's an option if you want it. If you want to select that text without seeing the sticker, you can still do so. Just make sure you're holding the word you want to select rather than quickly tapping it.

3. If your messages are being delivered in duplicates we'd like to do some testing to help you get to the bottom of this.

Our chat support team is available from 10am-5:30pm ET daily to help you with any troubleshooting you need. If we need to escalate this for you they can also help you with that. 

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