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Customer Service Rep Lev

I was working with Lev with this problem for about 2-3 hours on trying to get my Moto G Play to work. I was communicating via my computer on the chat program on the website so I can work on the phone without fear of losing him with the restarting and resting process. 

But then I just lose the chat box. I can still hear Lev trying to message me but I cannot reply because it is past 5.30p here and I am assuming that they just shut off our ability to message their customer service

Lev, if you read this, please find  a way to message me so I can fix this problem because I have to eventually leave my house to use my phone. And I felt that we were getting to a real answer here. 

Nicolas Spencer

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Hi Nicolas, 

Our Live Chat is available daily from 10am-5:30pm EST and you will have to reach out again to continue troubleshooting. 

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