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I order and TextNow SIM card for 39.99 and I am keeping my TextNow account unless I sent me to the fraud TextNow so this is what they sent me this.
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Madison, Dec 20, 5:11 PM EST

Hi Ambroshia,

Thank you for providing the additional information. Your order has been validated, and should be shipping out to you very shortly!

You can check your order status, along with a link to your UPS tracking information, online by signing into your TextNow account at and clicking on your My Wireless Account page.

**Note:** our fulfillment department finalizes all orders at 2:45 PM EST. If you've received this reply after 4 PM EST, your device will be shipping out on the following business day. We apologize for any delays.

Welcome aboard TextNow!



TextNow Support

For account
related changes online:

account related changes on app:

Tap on **My Wireless Account**
TextNow FAQ:

This email is a service from Support.

But i don't see my wireless account. I just see manage subscription. I am waiting to get the card.

Ambroshia Jerkins

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Hey Ambrosia! Apologies for the inconvenience. As per the USPS tracking number, it looks like your package is out for delivery today!

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes
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Hey Pamm! Unfortunately, I do not see any order history on your account. 

I'd please recommend that you head over to our live chat support between 10am-5:30pm EST so we can verify the order and answer any following questions! 

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes
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