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Payment Date

I'd like to know why there are random dates on which my automatic payments are taken.  Textnow has taken payments on the 26th, 27th and 28th of the month.  If it's autopay, I believe it should be one date or another.  You put me in jeopardy of missing payments if you take it whenever you decide.  I would like you to pick an autopay date and adhere to that date.  Please confirm what date you will take payments in the future.  Thank you. 

Juan Levante Nicholson

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Hey Juan, our billing system used to be every 30 days, so if some months had 31 days and others 30, it would change your billing date slightly each month. 

Since then, we've changed to a system where it would charge you on the same date each month. I see that since August, you've been charged on the 26th of every month, and that should remain the same now. 

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