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Where is your customer service text now?

I signed up for text now premium and was unhappy from the start. Dropped calls, can't text, can't use the internet. I signed up months ago and right away I started this journey of trying to find a live person to talk to at text now. To this day, I've never gotten a single response from text now. I have never talked to a live person and if you call their phone number, it just refers you back to this joke of a support line for text now. To say the least, i am very unhappy with their service and I would never recommend them or use their service again.

Terri Zimmerman

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Hey Terri! I'm terribly sorry to hear of your experience. 

Our live chat support is available on the bottom right hand side of this page (or any other page on our site) between 10am-5:30pm EST Mon-Sun. If you type in "speak to a live agent" into that chat box, it will direct you to a live agent! 

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