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Can the Sim card for the Samsung Galaxy S7, the GSM Sim card, be used for the other Samsung Galaxy S Series, too

    Hello TextNow support or Community,

      I would like to know is the GSM SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 Sim card also for the Other Galaxy S Series, I mean can it be used for the other Samsung models, older and newer Galaxy S Series (ex. If I get a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus and or a newer model can I just used the Sim card for my S7 for my S8 or newer models) or do I have to register and get a sim card for the S8 and/or newer model ? Please let me know.

Thank you,


Anthony Parlade

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Hey Anthony! Our GSM SIM cards can be activated with any other GSM compatible phone, regardless of the brand or model! (As long as the model can support our TextNow app)

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