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MMS on free account?

I was wondering if the free accounts allow for MMS messages or if it is only for the paying accounts? I tried to send and receive a photo on a free account and it did not work.

and on a different topic, If i do not log into the app on my phone, how long before i lose the phone number?  I tried a different service once and i had to log in at least once a week otherwise i would lose my number

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Hi, you should be able to send photos through your free TextNow account. If for any reason you're having trouble doing that, please reach out to our chat support team so we can get more details and look into this for you. 

We typically recommend that you use the number to send a text or place a call at least once every 3-4 days. The longer your number is active the longer you're able to go without using the number. But if it's a new number you should use it more often to keep it active on your account.

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