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Please hire more support staff

I've been stuck in some text support queue for 30 minutes, still in the same position 3. 


Really, you ditched live call support for this? Horrendous. 


Now, regarding the phone. My HTC Bolt's display goes black, which is apparently a common manufacturing defect with this device. I would like a refund or a replacement since the phone is defective. 

Alex Teer

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I wait for an hour and the support agent just leaves the chat without even saying hello.

Alex Teer 1 vote

Hey Alex! I'm terribly sorry to hear that, but I can see that you were able to speak to a representative yesterday finally. 

It seemed that you left the chat before any resolution could be found, and the agent did follow up with you through email (your live email that's listed on file) for further information for us to be able to process the replacement. 

Please respond back to that email for the next steps! 

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes