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How to recover my old phone number

I have been using TextNow app since long and was assigned a number earlier

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I used that phone number creating an apple account. Now, as I was inactive on this app for some time, I am assigned a different phone number. Now, when I try to login to my Apple account, it is asking me to enter the verification code sent on this phone number. can you please help me with re-assigning the same number so that I can log in to my apple account and change the phone number.

Rock Stonecold

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Hello.Please help me.My number was recycled yesterday.I had important sms here and linked with accounts.Please give it back to me.I don't want anybody else to see my sms because was very private things.I forgot just write sms(.Please help me(

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Hi Alex, As far as I know, your messages should be still there when you log in to TextNow app or website. Its just TextNow re-issue a new number to your account if you don't do any activity with the initially assigned number for a certain time duration. Kindly log into your TextNow account and you will find all your messages.

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