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Can not find place for personal voice message on my Samsung Tab A

My Samsung Tab a does not appear to have a place to make a personal outgoing message on the Tnow app. No option to change the default outgoing  msg. I followed the directions to go to the TN menu there is no Settings but there is a gear icon. It takes me to the options where you have voicemail Selected ON and default ringtone that you decide to keep or change. One or two others. I do not see any way to change what outgoing message is already there which is a robot voice saying this person is not available, pls leave a message. Most folks will not respond to a robot voice that gives no name because they do not know if they've got the right number to leave their personal information on a phone when they have not heard my voice. Is there any help showing me how to add a personal outgoing message thank you very much

Jack Poore

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Hey Jack! You seem to be in the right place, and this is what you should see: 

If you tap on Voicemail (from the calling settings), it should bring you to a page with 3 options: 

1. Voicemail (this is where you can enable or disable it)
2. Greeting (this is where you choose either the default or custom greeting)
3. Custom Greeting (this is where you record your own custom greeting)

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