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Recover my account. Due to a factory reset done yesterday
I am unable to recover my account. My email is. phone number 909.347.8558
I have a premium account and have been having issues
For a few months now. Your tech. Raephiel
Requested i do a factory reset. I did a back up/ recover before
Hand. I have no access to my account. Incoming calls work.
I can't text/or make calls. I need this problem corrected. Your techs I've dealt with have been of no help what so ever. Raephaelwas more knoweledable. Please recove my account. As it is ive been paying for something that i dont have full
Use of.
Thank you
Rose Lucero. 91786

Rose Lucero

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Hey Rose! Your account is still available, you're just using the wrong login. 

Please try to sign in with your address instead. The other email you provided is one of your other free accounts. 

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