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Cheating BF

I found a text now app number on my bfs phone...he says he was texting there a way that he can give out his text now app phone number and have someone use that to contact his actual phone number if the text now app is using his phone. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly. So I understand that this app give you a number linked to your phone can you give the phantom number to someone they log into your stuff and it makes it look like you're texting yourself but really it's someone doing it from there phone on the app.

Deniece Martinez

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He can give out his TextNow # as a completely separate #. The texts and calls show up in the TextNow app on the phone or on the browser app ( Another person could log into his account on their phone but the messages would still show on the app.

He could just be texting from his TextNow # to his original # to see if it works. Doesn't mean he's cheating because he has a new TextNow #. Maybe he's just trying it out. TextNow is free and an awesome service. btw- The TextNow # isn't linked to your old # like Google Voice. It stands alone as its own service. You can have your original # texts and TextNow texts all show up in the TextNow app too.

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