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i am trying to see my call log but i am on a desktop computer and do not have a microphone so it doesnt allow me to press on the call log without a mic plugged in. how would i go about seeing wo my missed call is from i do not have a phone and i cannot get to one only desktop please help me 

Crissa Fowler

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Hi Crissa,

Any missed call notifications should still show in the specific thread you have with the contact that tried to call you. So for example, if I tried to call you and there was a missed call, you could select the thread to you have with me, Erin, and see a message staying "Missed call from 226 555 8822" (or whatever number I am calling you from.

Please let us know if for any reason you're not seeing those messages in your thread with numbers that you know had tried to call you.

Erin TextNow Support 0 votes
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