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Can't Validate Whatsapp Account



I was a Primo user but since it got shut down they referred me to textplus. My number was working fine until today. When i tried to log in back again on whatsapp using my current textplus number an error code popped up. "It is not a valid US number". I'm a paid customer and I purchased a year plan for my US number but now it isn't valid on whatsapp. Kindly please provide me an alternative working number through which i could access my whatsapp. Hope you can resolve this issue.




C. Bennet

casy ghost

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Hey there! Just to verify- we are not TextPlus. 

If this is with regards to your TextNow number, I'm afraid that we can't assist from our end. Since our numbers are categorized as "virtual", not all third party apps/systems recognize them for their verification purposes. 

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