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Someone hacked into a WhatsApp number I created from TextNow and now I don't have an access to it! Please help!

Hello, I created my account on TextNow around November 2018. My first number was +1 (504) 226-1965 and I used that number to create a WhatsApp account because I don't have a SIM number. So I did and everything was fine until one day I saw that I can't log into WhatsApp and that someone else uses it! I tried to get the verification code, but since I didn't use TextNow for a while, my number changed and I couldn't get the code anymore.

My question is how is it possible? I have never give details about my account on TextNow and in order to get the verification code from WhatsApp he needs an access to that number. So if I can't, how he can?? I would like to get my first number on TexNow in order to deactivate the account on WhatsApp. Thank you!

Asa Gai

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Hi there, 

Your TextNow number would have been recycled for inactivity, and we do not support verification codes. The previous number on your account is not available and we cannot retrieve it. As for your Whatsapp account - you will have to reach out to them for further assistance. 

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