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Cannot send or receive texts, started at some point, I have no idea when


I just realized that no one is receiving any texts I've been sending for over a week and I'm not receiving anything anyone sends to me. I have a premier account. 

This is really frustrating, especially since I assume you cannot retrieve the missing texts. Your support links go nowhere. 

Can you see what is going on with my account?

Joshua S

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Hey Joshua! Unfortunately, there is nothing that I can see on my end that would indicate that your texts are being missed. 

I'd recommend to head over to our live chat support for real-time testing. You can reach them by tapping on the purple icon on the bottom right-hand side of this page and typing in "speak to an agent". They are available between 10am-5:30pm EST! 

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Here's a transcript of my chat with one of your helpful associates:

Chat started

Customer Service: We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our operators are busy at the moment, please standby and we'll be with you as soon as possible.
Jason G joined the chat

Jason G: Hi Joshua! Thank you for contacting TextNow! How may I assist you?
Joshua: I am not sending or receiving texts on my account, has been like this for over a week.

Jason G: Are you not able to text over a PC or your mobile app
Joshua: Both

Jason G: How are you not able to text then?
Joshua: What do you mean? All texts I send from either the website or the phone app are not received by anyone. Anyone who sends me a text, the text is not received anywhere. Give me your cell number and I'll try to send you a text. Or feel free to try to send one to my number

Jason G: I'd like to do some troubleshooting here. I'm only asking if you're using a device or a PC with our service :)
Joshua: Both

Jason G: Over WiFi or using your mobile data'HotSpot ?
Joshua: The PC is on the Internet, the phone I've tested on both WiFi and cellular

Jason G:Then as for your mobile phone is this an iOS or Android device?
Joshua: iOS

Jason G: Then please uninstall your TextNow app, restart your iOS device and download our app again from your App Store and install it and see if you're able to send a text message
Joshua: I've already done that

Jason G: As a next step then I will get you to make sure that your WiFi connection and mobile service gives you the ability to use our service as we have limited support for iOS devices and for PC support and I apologize for the inconvenience.
Joshua: I'm not sure how that would affect me receiving text messages but sure, OK.

Jason G: You're using these connections to text while using our service.
Joshua: If someone sends me a text, your servers store the text and the next time I open the app (or log into the website), the texts show up. This is how your service has always worked

Jason G: I'm sorry I couldn't offer more help today. I ask that you reach out to us after confirming with your carrier and ISP that your service(s) are suited to use our service. If you do have an Android device I can offer more help here.
Joshua: Confirm how?

Jason G: You'd need to speak with their customer service and ask if your connection with them supports using our service. We do have ports as well that need to be opened to use our service. These ports are 80, 443 and 5223
Joshua: I've already confirmed that those ports are open and working. I just tried to send a text from your PC app to my cell phone. The text didn't come through.

Jason G: But we can only offer limited troubleshooting unless you're able to get access to an Android device.
Joshua: This has nothing to do with my cell phone, cell service, etc.

Jason G: I'm sorry, but it does.
Joshua: If I send a message from your website, to any phone in the US, shouldn't that phone receive that text message?

Jason G: I can only offer so much troubleshooting here unless you have an Android device you have handy?
Joshua: If I send a message from your website, to any phone in the US, shouldn't that phone receive that text message?

Jason G: Yes, if your connection is stable and supports using our service. I wish I could be of more help here, but again, I cannot.
Joshua: It's the same exact "service" that I'm using to chat with you right now!

Jason G: Again, I wish I could offer more steps here besides getting you to reinstall our app, restart your WiFi connection, or reach out to your ISP or mobile service to ensure our service is supported.


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Hey Joshua! 

I'm terribly sorry for this experience, and this is being escalated to our supervisors. 

In the meantime, can you send me an email to, and we can try to troubleshoot this with you there! 

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