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Port Number into textnow questions

I don't need yet another wireless service but I am going to port my old number to some kind of app or web service to preserve it. Do you still only port if I buy your wireless service? I was hoping to port to the app service...

Am willing to pay a porting charge and the 2.99 month but not another sim service! I have Redpocket data $10/1GB/month. I only need an app that can preserve this number I've had for 2 decades... I would have ported to GV but so many unsupported numbers with GV, mine included... So for now a free GV number & this data plan has nearly all my needs covered. You should really consider opening this up. There are plenty of frugle people out there that would pay the minimum app service instead of the free textnow if you would offer that. But for now If I have to NumberBarn will do it for that price. Even w/ custom forward message. Too bad I could have actually used the number w/ your service. Also Looking into all other 2nd line services many of which can do porting.

Scott Sledge

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Hey Scott! Thanks for reaching out :)

I'm afraid that we can still only port in numbers to our wireless service. 

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