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Can't port my number out to Mint

I have been trying for a week to get my number ported to Mint.  I've chatted with TextNow reps many times over the past several days.  Mint has my correct account, PIN, and land address info, but still can't get the phone number released.  I don't know what else to do!  Please Help Me!!!!!!  Next step is Better Business Bureau.

Michele J Sweeney

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Hi Michele,

If there's an error with the port out information that was provided we'll need to know what specific issue they're having with the port out so we can assist you further and make sure that the details provided are correct, or we can edit them if necessary. Please ask Mint for the specific error they're getting with the request and reach out to our chat support team for further assistance.

Erin TextNow Support 0 votes

I hope this gets resolved, as I'm planning on porting my number out to mint as well in the future

Nathan Lindsay 0 votes

I'm also in the middle of this crap. It's been a week and still no port to Mint. Someone doesn't have a clue about this business and I'm sick of crappy support on both ends.


I was told by Mint they are still waiting on TextNow to release the number before the port will go through.


How long does it take TextNow to release a phone number?

Clinton Asprey 0 votes

Hey Clinton! 

Unfortunately, all port-outs are not handled directly by us, they are handled by a third-party system, which we have no control over for expediting port out orders. It can take them up to 5 business days to "release" a number. 

Mint Mobile can also contact us at for further information/assistance if the port is stuck. 

Valeria TextNow Support 0 votes