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My mother's card is still saved on my account and got charged when it shouldn't have !!

I paid my mothere the 10 bucks a while back to get the simcard out here well i received it now and it charged me 19.99 plus the 9.99 all at once when I activated my number or cimcard now she pissed and talking but getting me for fruad!! Somebody please help me, I haven't used none of the service time yet

Steven Storey

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Hey Steven! I can help clear up some confusion here. 

When you activated your SIM, it did charge you the $9.99 again, but it didn't charge it to your card. It charged the account balance credit that you had from the original $9.99 purchase. So when you purchased the SIM card, that $9.99 for the plan was put on your account balance to be used for the activation. So there were no double charges there. 

A week later, you seem to have activated another phone on another account under your family plan, which was for the $19.99 plan. If you only wish to use the one account, we can cancel and refund the second one. Just head over to our live chat support between 10am-5:30pm EST for further assistance. 

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