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Give recovered phone number requests its own dedicated Topic

It would help in finding content if all of the requests for reinstatement of phone numbers had a "Topic" all its own  I'll bet 70% of the content in the "Topics" are these requests.

Tom Sepka

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Hey Tom! Currently, the purpose of this forum isn't necessarily to ask for help with individual account issues (which we would recommend to speak to our live chat support for), though we can't stop people from asking anyway! 

I find that naturally, people tend to respond/comment on existing threads with regards to number recovery, though, really, each case will differ from the other. While one person's number may still be available, another's may not. Or perhaps they will be denied for another reason. So regardless of what the previous answer may have been, you can expect an entirely different result. 

Were you looking for specific information with regards to our process, or phone number assignment? 

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