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202 are code

I was trying to return a random text from a #i don't recognize, and received an error stating that the number wasn't supported yet. So I googled the area code it was sent from , 202 my query returned that is was indeed a north American area code but perphaps because it's a District not a state(District of Colombia) Washington DC or even more likely Google was wrong. Anyhow anyone one else ever had a random text from 202-858-6582 that only said "huh? " And if u respond to my post do I have to return here to see or will I receive an email or notification or text. Also some months ago I stopped receiving an email for each message and I either sent an email or posted it to TextNow and I was told that it was fixed however it wasn't. Probably because I was sooooooo irritated and went on and on about how terrible my service had become over the past year and maybe made someone mad so they only said that it was fixed on that end. Hmmmmmmmmmm

x tra

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Hi there, 

The email notification bug was indeed fixed! I can see you are not running our current app version - could you please update your app and make sure you have the email notification setting turned on? 

As for the phone number issue, could you contact our Live Chat for further assistance with this? They can provide the proper troubleshooting steps with you. 


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