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Please help to get my old text now number back

How to get back my old text now apparently (that I deleted old text now app by accident) has my text now phone number 587 806 0963 attached with it. I would like to have my old number back . Please help! Thanks in advance.

I’ve used my old number for so long ...
But Today by accident I deleted it. After I went in download new text now app ... somehow I have a new number assigned now
Can I please have 2 phone numbers ?
If not, how can I get back my old number since my relatives knows my old number.
Thanks a bunch!

Angie C.

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Hey Angie! In order to sign back into an account that had an older number, all you have to do is log out of your current account on the app (or desktop) and sign into the older one with the appropriate username/email address and password. 


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