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New Phone to Activate


In the details of bringing your own phone is says the following: "Must be a Sprint, T-Mobile, or unlocked device with either Android or iOS operating system." I ran the IMEI through your checker and it said it is compatible.

However, hope you can clarify just a couple of questions.

1. The phone is Lock Status: Network Locked

2.Band is: CDMA 800/1900

3. Network: Sprint (CDMA)

Now the reason I ask is because as above it seems to imply that sprint does not have to be unlocked (Must be a Sprint, T-Mobile, or unlocked device). Anyhow based on these specs, is it ok to purchase and activate this phone?

Thank you so much for your time.



John Roumanas

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Hi John, Based on the information you have provided the Sprint phone will not have to be unlocked to be activated with our service. We do use the Sprint CDMA network to provide our data services so it's okay if the phone is locked to that network. 

That being said, the phone must be off contract from Sprint and not active with any other carrier plan in order to activate it with TextNow. I hope that makes sense, but if you need further assistance you can reach out to our chat support team with the IMEI number on the phone for us to verify this for you.

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