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International texting (and calling)

I already have a TextNow account and phone  number.  I will be traveling to Italy in a few weeks.  I will have service on the TIM network.  Will I be able to text the US numbers of TextNow users at no charge and will they be able to text me at no charge.  I know that they would have to pay for voice calls to Italy, but can I call US numbers at no charge?


Kirby Stiening

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Hey Kirby! When using your TextNow phone number abroad, it is still recognized as an American phone number. This means that there should be no charges whatsoever for either calling your American friends and family back home, or receiving those calls (they can still call you there the sam as they would here). Text messaging would work the same! 

The only charges you may incur are data charges, depending on what kind of plan you're getting with the Italian carrier. 

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