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Being recorded

When I downloaded the app. It asked was it ok if it recorded. I mistakenly entered yes. And now want to ensure that I am never recorded without my knowledge. (I am on the verge of unistalling the app, overall) I have several recordings I am looking on getting paid from (at YouTubel. And I don't intend to give away my voice, conversations and or life for free. I sought the app to turn off the recording feature but couldn't find the resolution.

I'm sure there are others who have been through or are experiencing this issue. There must be resolution.

I am thinking of uninstalling the app.... There must be a resolution.... .

Davon White

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Hey Davon! The recording permission is only used for the case of using voice notes, or recording a customized voicemail message.

We by no means record your phone conversations, or any activity outside of the app. If you're using an Android phone, you can manage your specific app permissions in the phone's native settings. 

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