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Yesterday I realized the textnow app is not updating the data on my Android phone. I sent a few texts which showed as having been sent but later, upon opening textnow on my laptop, I could not see the sent texts. 
Also the phone app is still showing me only texts and calls received days ago while there has been much activity since which is not reflected on the phone but clearly showing on my laptop. As of today, the issue has still not resolved itself. 
Is it possible there is an update to the app I did not get notification of? Should I try deleting and reinstalling the app or what?
Martin Neosel

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Hi Martin! Looks like you are running an outdated version of the TextNow app and I believe this would explain the issue you are facing. Could you update it in the Play Store? 

If this still happens after you have updated it, please contact our Live Chat between 10am-5:30pm EST 

Madison TextNow Support 0 votes

Hello Madison.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your response and assistance.

Now I have a new issue. I downloaded the new version of the app but CANNOT sign in. I knew exactly what user name and password I had used in the past and entered them but I see 'signing in' on the Android screen and then nothing more happens so I tried resetting the password to exactly the one I was using before and got a confirmation that it had been reset, then tried again to sign in but had the same problem.


Martin Neosel 0 votes