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My call history doesn't show the calls right away

After I received a call my friend asked me to text her the address to where I was and after hanging up I checked the call history and all numbers and calls were from hours ago . Like 11 hrs ago to be exact . So am I supposed to wait hours for my friends number to appear . Why can't it show up instantly I've refreshed over and over and no calls from today are even coming up. If I miss a call I get a text notification so why is the info lost after a call that is answered why not get a text notification showing the incoming call was answered with a time stamp of how long or something. Now I have no way of contacting my friend until they contact me again so it's a waiting game.


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Hi there - when pulling up your account I noticed you're running an outdated version of our app. Could you try updating the app from the Play Store? If the issue continues please contact our Live Chat between 10am-5:30pm EST 

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