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Windows App Suggestions - Dark Theme / Copy Phone Number / Start Menu Idea

TextNow is my favorite app, I love the service. Hoping for unlimited texting/calling with data for Canadians so I can convince more people to hop over. 

1. It would be cool if the Windows App had a dark theme. I use the "Dark Reader" chrome extension for the web app, which helps. But I prefer using the windows app over keeping an extra tab open in my browser. 

2. Having my number show up at the top left inside the app is very, very useful. It would be cool if I could click/tap an icon next to my number to copy it to my clipboard. I usually end up highlighting it with my mouse and copying it with `Ctrl` + `c`. Sometimes though, I highlight my own name on accident and it's a bit pesky to grab just the #. 

3. This is not a very big deal but I think it would be very cool. The current sizes for TextNow on the windows start menu is small, medium and wide. It would be neat, if there was a "large" option, and in the large size, if it could show me my recent messages. (Sorta how microsoft news works for the latest stories)

Thanks !  

Chris Straka

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Hey Chris! 

Thanks for the feedback! We can forward this along to the right people :) 

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