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I want my number quick made available & instantly resigned back to me.

Hello dear textnow
I'm so so crazily angry in the irritating fact of my number not quickly notified to me that it will be collected and it was. Painfully bad & unfortunate as it is, I had securely verified my big multi productive instagram business account with the number, and now instagram is strictly only wanting to verify my login attempt via the number. They are sending continuous list of verification codes to the number. I'm so goddamned pissed off right now. If it was like this you guys actually do your things, then I'm so heart broken to say it is quite unfairly stupid and non organized at all. So so not of a well structured sense of operation, and how business activities in this sense of course work, most especially with numbers that majority of people use for there very sensitive and vital endeavour of business or other similar intolerable areas not wanting to have loses in. And its a great big time failure that you people are the Traced cause, distributing list of numbers to patronisers and patronisers eventually ending up in great non thoughtful regrets of not having the number continually as expected, just as mine currently is now.
I'll strongly insist in my case you people should greatly try in the highest order to get this number effectively rapid in been available and resigned back to me. If you truly want things to go on well with your number easing Business set up firm of a thing, see.. This I'm saying is no joke. And I'm no ordinary personality, I really mean it. I'm not pleading, I'm ordering, I wish you know who you have made a very breaking hard time for with this sort of lame body of your business phone numbers giving and taking structure.
Now I want you people to try efficiently better than any record of before to rectify this issue as quick as possible. My textnow number for my account that I got so painfully logged out from is +13607123484 and my email is

I will serious be very active on receiving any progressive news from you and the rest of your team. Because as it is I'm no way calmly settled on this, since I've not been able to gain full accessibility into my instagram accoun. And none of your medium of communication or contact is with a good reliable personality that is working, or rather it's a created autobotic responding chat sphere or port. It's a Great image tarnishing and business depreciating shame for this set of business function or operations. You guys need to thoroughly focus on this aspect of great patronising customers or users losing number and not yet able to fully recover it for all your list of well committed users.
And you guys will go about saying what... That you are committed to MEETING THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES IN A TIMELY MANNER AND CREATING A BARRIER-FREE ENVIRONMENT" and now as at recent, that is totally not true since I've observe with the long series of individuals losing their most creatively used textnow number that went lost and without recovery or availability.

I'll be waiting to receive an email or message regarding to this my currently ongoing issue by the beginning of tomorrow. Don't let my high leveled hopes on this down. Don't fail to forget "It's my MULTI BUSINESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT" I'm talking about here., which I verified with using the textnow number (+13607123484) Given to me by your goddamned app. And now current out of my possession.

Extry Iyare

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Hey Arnold! Sorry to hear of this, and I understand that it's an inconvenience. 

It looks like your number was recycled back in April for inactivity. You never verified your email address with us, so the email reminders could not be sent. And if you're not logged into the account to receive the text reminders, then there isn't any other way for us to reach you with the warning, unfortunately. 

As you are using a free number, and we only have a finite amount of numbers available, we do have to revoke any that are not being used regularly to be able to provide our other customers with numbers. 

If a number is still available, we can reassign them as a one-time exception, but I'm afraid that your number is not currently available to be recovered to your account. You are more than welcome to keep checking with us, as it may become available again in the future. 

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