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How Can I Tell From Different People with Usernames?

So, I am in a group chat and all I see are people's numbers. I want to know if there is a way to know who sent that with your own customized name. So lets say, instead of (666)666-6666, I want to see Devil or something like that. If there is any way, that would help a lot. In short, I want to customize people's names for me to see who they are. Thank you!


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Hey there! You would need to edit those contacts in your phone's contacts app to give them names. 

If you are using the web browser exclusively, you would need to have an individual conversation going on with each contact, update the contact's name within that conversation, so that in the group one, it will also be updated. 

I understand this is a bit convoluted, but we will pass along the feedback to our team for better implementation! 

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