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scam people

+2028588763, this very number has scammed me about 1000$ and i know the number his still there scamming people please i would love you people to find a means of blocking this very number because the number keep texting me and wanting more money from me.. is better you people act fast on it or it would bring an end to your application and people will stop using it when people keep reporting it so please i would be glad if you can block this very number have a great day.

Mr.George Anderson

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Hi there! My sincerest apologies for this, and I want to assure you that this is a serious matter. Now, unfortunately, due to a privacy policy, I can't divulge any of our users' information. If you can contact the local authorities, and direct them to our emergency disclosure form (, our abuse/legal team will be able to assist them following the proper procedures.


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