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Talk and text plan questions

If I order the talk and text plan, does texting allow pictures? Or does this require data? Also, is there a way to use another sms app, or am I locked into using the TN app to text someone? And is it possible to use the native dialer? And if it is possible to use the native dialer, does it show my TextNow number, or something else?

Michael I Redwine

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Hey Michael! 

With the Talk &Text Only Plan, we essentially still provide you with mobile data, but it will only be allowed for the TextNow app. All other apps will require a Wi-Fi connection. So you will be able to send pictures and videos with TextNow. 

You will not be able to use any other SMS apps, and you can use the native dialer (but it will show your backend number instead of your TextNo number if you do)

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