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Landline to Wireless Port-Out ---- What's the deal?

I'm extremely frustrated with the whole process of trying to port my TextNow number to Mint Mobile. I had to explain that for some reason TextNow requires my number, which is a cellphone number, to be processed as a landline for the port request.


This whole process has been jerking me around for the last 15 days and I'm getting pretty pissed off about it. I know you guys use some automated 3rd party for your porting but how would anyone know they have to process my cell number as a landline?


Yes, you did let me know this twice via chat but why would any other carrier know? They kept getting a "Customer information is incorrect" error every time they entered my correct information.


This needs to be fixed in my honest opinion.

Clinton Asprey

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Hey Clinton! I understand this has been a long process for you, but unfortunately, we can't predict which carriers will classify our VoIP numbers as "landlines" and which will classify them correct as "mobile" numbers. It is more rare that our numbers are classified as landlines, in which case we do simply ask the carrier to submit it through that route/process, instead. 

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