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Call rejected - cannot RECEIVE calls

I can make calls, and send and receive texts. But when ANYONE calls, the message they get is CALL REJECTED.  I then get a text message that I missed a call. This has been going on about 2 weeks.  Never happened before in over 2 years of being a subscriber. I have had several chats with customer support and they can't figure it out. Suggestions?

Alice Taylor

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Hi Alice,

If there's a call rejected message for incoming calls only that is certainly unusual. Typically that type of message is controlled by the carrier that the caller is using, not the receiver. That being said, if all incoming call attempts to your number only are resulting in that error that is obviously a concern.

We will need to collect some more information from you to determine where that error message is originating from and determine if we can fix it on our end for you. Please email with as much detail as possible regarding what you've been experiencing and we'll be able to assist you further there.

Erin TextNow Support 0 votes
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