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Revert to a previous number please?

Greetings, I have two questions. Do numbers roll away on specific days of the month or at a certain time? I want to make sure I send a message or make a call before my number switches. So far I haven't found out what your schedule is. It's rather annoying to always sign in and find out that my number has switched. IMO there should be a sort of number holding period after it's kicked off of someones account. That way the number isnt snagged up incase someone needs it for something important. Or since this seems like a large issue, perhaps you could extend the length of time someone has their number. Its obvious people are using their text now number, so I guess I wonder why its necessary for it to change so frequently. Is it all about getting large numbers of visitors to your site or? Just wondering. 

Anyhow I was wondering if you could check and see if my old number is available?  Please. I really appreciate it and your service. . . I just wish the length of time were just longer. Thank you Thank you!

TJ CorDell

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Hey TJ! The way that our number recycling works is actually based on an internal algorithm that changes based on different factors per account. So I'm afraid that I don't have a simple answer for you. 

As a TextNow user, however, you should be receiving warning text messages about your number being recycled if not used within a certain amount of days. That same warning message is also sent out to the email address on file (it may be going to your spam/junk inbox) 

Since we have a finite amount of numbers available, we do have to exercise efficiency with our numbers (meaning that numbers that are inactive are recycled to give another user who is active a chance to be assigned a number)

Luckily, your previous number was still available, so we've reassigned it to you. Please note that this is a one time exception, and should you lose your number again in the future, we won't be able to recover it for you. 

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