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3 phones unlock with out carrier T-mobile compatible IMEI TEXTNOW rejected NEED 3 SIM CARDS

3 phones unlock with out carrier T-mobile compatible IMEI TEXTNOW rejected NEED 3 SIM CARDS FOR FAMILY  PLAN...PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

Essential Ph1   Unlocked No Carrier T-MOBILE  textnow IMEI rejected

Samsung s9 G975U Unlocked No Carrier  T-MOBILE  textnow IMEI rejected

Huawei P9 Lite L22    Unlocked No Carrier T-MOBILE textnow IMEI rejected ...All ready tried the IMEI ???

These are T-Mobile phone so they should work..

Would like to do the family plan if I can get sims for all 3 of our phones.

Thank you..

2G :
GSM : 850/900/1800/1900,
3G :
WCDMA : 850/900(8)/1700/2100(1)
LTE: 700(28)/800/900(8)/1700/1800(3)/1900/2100(1)/2500(7)*

madison daniel

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Hey Madison! 

Our apologies for the inconvenience, but we don't currently have any GSM SIM cards available (which your T-Mobile phones would need). 

We currently only carry Sprint SIM cards, which would be compatible with any Sprint CDMA devices (such as Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile) 

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My phone is a sprint essential ph-1 phone originally and is unlocked but my IME get rejected saying TextNow does not support my phone. My phone does work for any and all a carriers on all continents having all cell phone bands for voice , text, and data services. I am currently running a verzion sim that is most likely why my essential ph-1 is getting rejected I'm thinking or perhaps you just don't have the essential ph-1 on your list for use able phones for your service . Originally my essental ph-1 phone was a sprint phone hopfully your sim will work in my ph-1 . Is there some way you could receive my address and send me a sim for my essential ph-1 so I could receive your service? Thanks so much for all your hard work. Your IP phone service and app is awesome...I love it...

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Hi Madison, 

For further assistance with this please contact our Live Chat between 10am-5:30pm EST 

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