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old deleted conversation show on reinstall of app when they were deleted

Ok I'm sure it's a odd ball problem but I'm hoping you all can help....
Was using Textnow for awhile then decided to dump the app. I deleted as ll my conversation before releasing my number. I logged out. I cleared the Cache, I cleared the data, I forced closed, I uninstalled the app.....
I needed to use the app again and reinstalled the app. On startup of the app it shows my old conversations that I deleted even before I sign in to get a new number. I sign back in on my old user account and no conversations show....
Does this program install some hidden files that don't fully uninstall? I installed SD maid and ran it... It didn't even clear out that hidden data.
Where is this data hidden so I can fully get rid of it or at least stop it from popping up when I reinstall the app

Randy D Jenkins

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