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Corporate account for multiple phones, subscribing to premium

I'm looking for a way to subscribe to the premium service, but for multiple accounts or email addresses. I have about ten staff members who could use the service, they have no mobile data where their offices are located, and it would enable them to communicate with their clients.

Is there any way to subscribe to the premium service that doesn't use the Android app, or any way to subscribe from a master account and provide the services to various email addresses / accounts?

Joel Eckert

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Hi Joel, 

Unfortunately there is no way to link free accounts/ premium accounts. Each person would have to sign-up through their own email (the same email cannot be used for multiple accounts).

As for the premium subscription, it would have to be made through the mobile app because the payments are made to the Play Store or App Store depending on your phone type. 

There is also the option to create an account/ log into an existing account at through your web browser if you wanted to use it over your computer instead of the app. 

For further assistance please contact our Live Chat between 10am-5:30pm EST 

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