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I cant log into my account,

Someone else's account keeps coming up when I try to log into my account. I can see all of their communications. What gives? The person's number is 7192230963. I can see all of their communications. This makes me think that other people can see my account as well. This is a massive compromise of people's privacy.


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Hey there! 

It looks like the account you're logged in does have the 7192230963 number. You were just assigned that number yesterday. Now, it is very possible that whoever owned this number prior to you did not update his contacts, and as such, you are now receiving all texts/calls that are meant for that owner. 

This isn't something that we can assist with, unfortunately (we do send out various warning messages before a number is recycled for inactivity). You can choose to block those numbers or simply let them know the number changed. 

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