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Notifications for Calls Not Coming Through Properly

So this has been an ongoing issue since I got my phone through TextNow. I use the Moto E4 with a sim card from TN. I got this to make calls to my significant other cheaper as this is our main way of contact right now. However calls have occasionally seemed to not come through and I'd often find a notification that I received a voicemail for them but I never got an actual call. Today has been the worst this far. He's called 6 times and I was only successfully able to talk to him one of those times as the call notification never arrived or arrived too late for me to answer.

I spoke with chat support regarding this and went through uninstalling the app, restarting the phone, re-installing the app and verifying permissions. This was when the first call came in successfully. That call was over WiFi however, and not data, the route I need my calls to come through as I'm not able to be connected to WiFi at all hours of the day... This is getting frustrating as the whole point of getting this service was to enable me to talk to my significant other even when I'm not at home, but it doesn't seem it's going to allow me to do this... 

I'll go through a return if I have to but I'd like to see if there are any other suggestions on ways this issue could be fixed before then.

Joel Myhre

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Hey Joel, I'm very sorry to hear that! 

Our live chat support would most certainly keep testing and even escalating this with you for further assistance/a fix if you wouldn't mind speaking to them again and making sure that you're not on the phone when doing so (so they can test out calling at the same time with you) 

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