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Auto release number?

1. Does the free get released automatically after a specific period? Or only when number is not used for some time? Pls share the dormancy duration. 2. I want to keep a Canadian number on textnow. I understand that it's free. Do I need to pay to keep the same number? I want to use this number ony resume for Canadian employers. Thank you
Swanidhi Singh

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Hey there! 

1. Our free numbers are recycled within our system if a number is inactive for a period of time. That period of time may change between accounts. Please note that in order to keep a number active, you have to be the one to either make a call or send a text. 

2. You can certainly keep the number for free if you follow those steps^ by sending a text or making a call once every couple of days. Otherwise, you can subscribe to a premium subscription for $2.99/month USD to make sure that the number is locked to your account. 

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